Happy 200!

This is my 200th posting, which I celebrate by announcing the release of Issue #2 of “Occasional Nuggets,” a series we launched in the spring to promote awareness and appreciation of special collections at the Providence Public Library.

A yearly subscription (4 issues) is $15.00, and donors above it will be listed in the back at the following levels:

Apprentice Printer ($5-$49)
Journeyman Printer ($50-$99)
Master Printer ($100-$199)
Patron ($200+)

All proceeds go into a dedicated account for special collections. Each issue is printed in a limited, numbered edition of 200 copies. We currently have over 70 subscribers, so act now!

The covers are letterpress printed at the AS220 Community Printshop (http://www.as220.org/printshop/). The cover design was done by Meg Turner, who built her designs with ornaments scanned from type specimen books in the Updike Printing Collection (http://www.provlib.org/resources/books/special/updike/updike.html).

The Summer 2009 issue focuses on our collection of editions Of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and related material, in the Harris Collection (http://www.provlib.org/resources/books/special/civilwar/civilwar.html).

To subscribe, please e-mail me at rring@provlib.org and provide a postal address.

Richard J. Ring
Special Collections Librarian
Providence Public Library

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