More Dorr

Yesterday’s Dorr Rebellion lecture by Russell DeSimone was an excellent discussion attended by an enthusiastic audience.

And for those interested in the fascinating topic of the Dorr War, here’s an image of one of the Special Collections items on display yesterday, a broadside mocking Dorr:

For more information about the Dorr War, Providence College’s Dorr War site (co-authored by DeSimone) is an excellent place to start. It can be found at:


The Dorr War Explained

Anyone interested in Rhode Island history should plan to be here at the Library Monday evening at 7:00 for a talk by Dorr Rebellion expert Russ DeSimone, accompanied by a screening of a documentary on the War. The Dorr Rebellion is a fascinating episode in the state’s history, and DeSimone — one of the people responsible for the excellent Providence College Dorr Rebellion website — is one of the best people to discuss it.

Sidney S. Rider of Providence – Bookman

Join us this Thursday evening at 6:30 for a lecture on one of the most active and important members of the 19th-century Providence book trade, Sidney S. Rider. Russell DeSimone will discuss Rider’s wide-ranging activities, from publishing and book selling to historical research and activism. To find out more, visit the Library’s events calendar.