Friday Tours on Hold

Due to the ongoing construction here at the library, we’ve decided to postpone the 3pm Friday tours until construction is finished. You’re always welcome to set up an appointment for a tour anytime, though.

Now that the housekeeping details are out of the way, here’s the best logo (and logo explanation) of the day:

It’s taken from the end of an excellent periodical / advertising brochure / paper specimen book:

Hurlbut’s Papermaker Gentleman:


Magician of the Week #1

Today we offer the first entry of a regular weekly feature: The Magician of the Week. Magicians tend to be excellent (and often quite dapper) self-promoters, so this is a way to offer a weekly image with a dose of style and flair. We start with a classic scenario, the rabbit in the hat.

John Booth with Rabbit

Image taken from a copy of Booth’s Forging Ahead in Magic (Philadelphia: Kanter’s Magic Chop, 1939 — Percival #110) inscribed to John Percival:

More about John Booth.