“Notes for Bibliophiles” was a newspaper column which ran in the Books section of the Sunday New York Herald Tribune from 1924 to 1947. The column was edited successively by Leonard L. Mackall (until his death in 1937) and Lawrence C. Wroth (until 1947, when war shortages forced cutbacks of content), and covered all the pertinent “rare book” news of the day. This blog is named in honor of that column.

The Providence Public Library Special Collections Department is comprised of several distinct collections of over 40,000 books, manuscripts, pamphlets, ephemera, newspapers, maps, broadsides, art, and artifacts, representing over four thousand years of human history and culture. For more information, visit us at www.provlib.org/special-collections.


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  1. Hello
    I saw your article on Didot; Thank you for sharing those documents. There is a small mistake, it is not “Fermin” but “Firmin”.
    Once again many thanks for sharing all those documents
    isabelle de chamborant

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