Scanner Snafu

>So we ordered a very expensive scanner to jump-start our digitization program (what digitization program, you ask? Tune in to this blog in the future to find out…), and the vendor told us that the wondrous machine had been shipped (it comes from Germany). We wait a week or so, and then it finally arrives. “Your scanner is here!” folks tell me with excitement. It’s in a cardboard box (red alert #1), and weighs about 300 pounds (red alert #2, though come to find out the thing actually DOES weigh 132 kilos, or 291 pounds). A reputable shipper has delivered it, and we signed off on the delivery.

Well, in the course of trying to shift this 300-lb gorilla off its pallet and onto a dolly, the box came apart. What was inside? 300 lbs of stainless steel screws (about 25,000 of them), all in little boxes! What the heck?!? Where is our scanner?!?
A few calls later, we learn that this has happened before–another scanner had been shipped to Montserrat and never showed up (no one knows where THAT one went). Ours, however, apparently ended up in Dubai, of all places.

Another scanner has been ordered (fortunately we do not send a check until the item is here), so we’ll keep you posted as the chapters of our digitization efforts unfold. It really is NEVER dull at the public library!

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