Bad Children of History #2

Today’s historical naughty child comes from The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts, Together with More Beasts for Worse Children and Cautionary Tales.

And what, exactly, were bad British children doing in 1923? All kinds of things, according to this book, including but definitely not limited to…


slapping porcupines.

I don’t know if this was an isolated case, as the child in question was clearly a bad egg.

IMG_1367However, in the grand tradition of cautionary tales, he most certainly learned his lesson.


What! would you slap the Porcupine?
Unhappy child– desist!
Alas! that any friend of mine
should turn Tupto-philist.
To strike the meanest and the least
Of creatures is a sin,
How much more bad to beat a beast
With prickles on its skin.


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