Magician of the Week #25: Son of Bat Jr.

If he's "Son of Bat Jr." doesn't that make him Bat III ?

If he’s “Son of Bat Jr.” doesn’t that make him Bat III ?

This little fellow appears in the nameplate of the acronymically-suggestive magic periodical Son Of Bat Jr. :

Son of Bat Jr. Front Page

(Our copies of this periodical are stuffed with interesting ephemera like this:

Roger's Rubber Ark)

And why would our little winged-mouse friend trace such a lengthy lineage? Apparently the publisher, Lloyd Jones, was much too creative to restart a publication with anything as mundane as “New Series…” What began as The Bat:

The Bat

Note his appearance at the left on the nameplate of Son of Bat Jr.

Was reborn as Bat Jr., and then eventually Son of Bat Jr.

Finally — and perhaps inevitably — it became Bat Droppings.


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