PMM at 50

Fifty years ago in London the International Printing Machinery and Allied Trades Exhibition included an ambitious exhibition on the influence that the invention of the printing press had on the 500 years of human history that followed. The exhibition was called “Printing and the Mind of Man,” and it was followed by a 1967 catalog that listed hundreds of books (and some ephemera) crucial to the history of the western world.

In celebration of the golden anniversary of Printing and the Mind of Man, over the course of the next few months we’ll be putting on display a rotating selection of items from our collection that appear in the catalog. So you can stop by, take a look at the description of why (to take our first example) The Federalist was important, and then look at a copy of The Federalist sitting nearby.

The PMM selections will be in the third-floor case near Special Collections. And while you’re at the Library you can also check out our exhibition on the hurricane of 1938 in the main gallery downstairs:


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