Magician of the Week #15: Skeleton Projector

Perfect for your creepiest Powerpoints.

The Civil Warrior of the Week takes the week off for the return of the Magician of the Week, in honor of today’s release of the latest issue of Occasional Nuggets (more info below).

Mr. SkeleProjector appears in…

a trade card for John H. Percival, magician:

Percival is, of course, the magician and collector whose library now resides here at the Providence Public Library. The card (advertising Percival’s services “For Lodge, Church, Parlor, and Music Halls”) is not only eye-catching, it’s also an intriguing optical illusion: Count the images of the playing cards, and you’ll see that there are clearly 16 of them. Cut the trade card in half on the horizontal white line and then cut the bottom half on the vertical white line and switch the two sides around and you’ll see that there are… Well, you’ll have to try it for yourself.

And if you’re looking for more magic to fill your day, you’ll find it in the latest issue of Occasional Nuggets:

The issue highlights patter books, the guides for magicians on what to say during their acts (how to introduce themselves, how to introduce their illusions, etc.), usually making use of very poor humor. And as a bonus, this issue comes with a handy card trick you can use yourself.

At $15 for 4 issues, it’s a steal. And every dollar of profit helps Special Collections. Get the order form at .

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