End-Of-The-Year Notes

With the new year nearly upon us, this seems like the time to do a roundup of 2011 at the PPL Special Collections. So here are a few quick notes on some of what’s happened this year (since March, at least):

New Additions

Here’s a partial list of the new books, manuscripts, etc. that came in to Special Collections in 2011:

  • Donations of monographs on the history of the book (like this, or this, or this) and a volume printed by Sidney Rider, 19th-century printer-publisher-Renaissance man.
  • A group of books on paper-making and paper history, including a sample book of marbled paper from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India:
  • A Cuala Press imprint and a pretty scarcepopish and financial romance” for the Potter & Williams Irish Collection.
  • A donated manuscript collection relating to a RI author (more info coming soon).
  • A small collection of whaling manuscripts and a fine new whaling log (more info coming soon) for the Nicholson Whaling Collection. Here are a few photos:

Newly Cataloged

As NBC used to say, “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.” Here are some things we’ve had for a while but you can now find more easily:

Online Resources

In addition to pointing out what we have and where it is, we’ve made some of it available online:

Add in visits from classes and researchers, the ongoing 3rd volume issues of Occasional Nuggets, exhibitions and more, and it’s been a fairly busy year. Here’s to an even busier 2012.

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