A Time for Play

Our regularly-scheduled Civil Warrior of the Week post will be taking a brief holiday hiatus and returning in two weeks. In its place, here’s something even better: your chance to party like its 1799.

First: Visit the Library’s 3rd floor exhibition gallery too see some fascinating items you probably haven’t encountered before. The exhibition is called “At Play,” and it will be on view until February 15.

Second: In tandem with the real-world, physical exhibition we’re also introducing an online mini-exhibition. But it’s an exhibition with a twist: not only can you view images of items from the exhibition, you can recreate those items for your own use. We’re offering images and instructions for creating replicas of five items from the exhibition, ranging in date as far back as the 17th century.

Let us know what you think. And have fun.

2 thoughts on “A Time for Play

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