“May you henceforth shine in dress as well as deed”

It is fitting that Wimples and Crisping-Pins (Theodore Child, c1895) is a beautiful book. A chronicle of hairstyles and hair decoration over time,  even the book’s text drips with ornament.

PPL’s copy gets us into the giving spirit with this letter/poem from Willie to Liza, from Christmas, 1894:

“To Liza.

Although so fond of ‘prinking’,
I’m sure you won’t be thinking
That in mocking mood this present now I send,
For both I, and your son Willie,
Think it anything but silly
That to her adornment woman should attend.
When some new gown you’re trying,
with other fair dames vying,
You will want a really elegant coiffure;
Here from graceful Greek or Roman,
Or more modern lovely woman,
You may copy one exciting envy sure.

A merry Christmas greeting
To you; while time is fleeting
May you henceforth shine in dress as well as deed:
And should it ever get you guessing,-
This great problem of hair dressing,-
May this book contribute somewhat to your need!

Christmas 1894″


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