Transcontinental Librarians

In this album of photographs from the Providence Public Library’s archives, Mildred Chase, librarian at the Providence Public Library, documented the journey she made with two colleagues to the American Library Association’s Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington.

Starting in June, 1925, the three Providence Public Library librarians, Mildred Chase, Sigrid Oleson and Florence Ferguson, embarked upon a two month long journey across the United States and Canada, visiting libraries and attending the American Library Association’s Annual meeting.

The Annual Meeting’s activities included the awarding of the Newbury Medal for children’s literature, and numerous chances to discuss the developing profession of librarianship with their peers, such as the Pacific Northwest Library Association’s buffet luncheon, pictured here. The luncheon was held in the shadow of the University of Washington’s iconic Suzzallo Library–then unnamed and under construction.

The intrepid librarians had much to share with their colleagues when they returned in August. After the American Library Association’s meeting, they visited libraries in Chicago, Minnesota, Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington.



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