To "promote harmony and liberal intercourse"

Just acquired this nice circular which was sent to doctors in Rhode Island in February of 1812, advertising the formation of the Rhode Island Medical Society (, and asking recipients to support their petition to the General Assembly for a charter.  Pardon Bowen and Levi Wheaton were the senders, and the recipient of this circular was a Dr. Rowland Greene, of Foster, RI.  Bowen, Greene, and Wheaton were all from families which produced many well-respected doctors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

We know more about Pardon Bowen (1757-1826) who was born in Providence, graduated Brown in 1775, embarked as a sugeon on a privateer in 1779 fitted out to destroy British commerce.  The ship was captured and sent to Halifax, where he spent seven months in prison.  He continued to serve in this capacity, with similar results, until finally his ship siezed a good prize, and with the money he made he was able to set up a practice in Providence.  He wrote an account of the Yellow Fever in Providence in 1805, was a Trustee of Brown and a Fellow of the American Antiquarian Society, and was a founding member (and first officer for 7 years) of the RI Medical Society.


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