Commission of a Lieutenant from a famous naval family

Sorting through a fascinating pile of flat items, I came across this little gem, accomplished on vellum, signed by James Madison on March 5, 1813.  Madison hereby commissions Raymond Henry Jones Perry as a Lieutenant in the U. S. Navy.  Perry (1789-1826) was the son of Christopher Raymond Perry (1761-1818), who fathered five sons who served in the navy.  His oldest, Commodore Oliver Hazard (1785-1819), was the “Hero of Lake Erie” in the War of 1812.  Raymond was the second boy, was eventually made captain, and a year after this commission (May 18, 1814) he married Marianne DeWolf, daughter of James DeWolf of Bristol, RI.  Raymond’s younger brother, Matthew Calbraith (1794-1858) was the famous Commodore who opened Japan in 1854.  Younger sons J. Alexander and Nathaniel Hazard served as a midshipman and purser, respectively.


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