Rhode Island Civil War letters

I have been fortunate enough to be able to hire a graduate student (Robin Alario) from the University of Rhode Island’s library science program to produce an item-level finding aid to our collection of Civil War manuscripts. We are also planning to digitize these letters as well.

The are roughly 400 letters in the collection, at least one diary, and various scrapbooks.

The following is a rough list which Robin generated during the planning phase of this project. The images here posted are from the Wight correspondence.
2 boxes letters by Sgt. George M. Turner, Company A, 3rd Rhode Island Artillery September 11, 1861-May 29, 1863; June 5 1863-July 12, 1864
1 box letters from H.E. Bacon, 11th Rhode Island Volunteers October 27, 1862-February 27, 1863
1 box letters Lt. Henri Eugene Bacon Company I 11th RI Volunteers March 3, 1864-June 24, 1864
2 boxes of letters on death of Samuel Wight March 15, 1863
1 diary by James Albert Barber (a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor).
1 binder and transcriptions of letters by John M. Gallagher Co. C 5th Regiment RI Volunteers 1862-1864 written to uncle Jonathan Spencer in Exeter and sister Mary
1 binder of letters by James Cady, Company C Connecticut Volunteers 1864-1865 to Amos Paine, So. Woodstock, CT
1 binder of letters to Charlotte F. Dailey to Albert Dailey; from Albert Dailey to wife; from Walter E. Gardner to Mrs. Dailey, 1862-1863

2 thoughts on “Rhode Island Civil War letters

  1. Oh my goodness I just saw my name on your blog. The letters are fabulous so far, especially Lieut. Bacon's love letters to his wife! I look forward to sharing my finds with the public.

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