Gallery of Printers, Publishers and Booksellers

We have two volunteers working on a rather exciting project–scanning and creating a sort of online gallery of a collection of portraits of printers, booksellers and publishers in special collections. So far over 150 portraits from one folio-size scrapbook (of four) have been scanned, and another 50-75 have been identified in books in the Updike collection. When we’re done, I hope to have close to 1,000 images (many of which are different portraits of the same figure). Our goal is to create “metadata” for each to the extent we can, with the following information:

Birth/death dates:
Education & Career:

Major publications authored/printed/published:
Influence/impact on the trade/industry:
Citation of sources used:

Here are three examples from the collection:

Edward Cave (1691-1754) was an English printer, editor and publisher who began The Gentleman’s Magazine.

William Caxton (1422-1491) was England’s first printer.

Robert Chambers (1802-1871) was a Scottish writer and publisher who began the Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal and wrote the controversial best-seller Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation (1844).

We hope to have most of the portraits identified and scanned by June, but the research will take us to the end of the year at least. A list of names will be posted on the Updike collection page, and anyone who wants one of these in a production quality scan can order them for $10 each.

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