There She Blows!

I am pleased to announce the release of Issue #3 of “Occasional Nuggets,” a series we launched in the spring to promote awareness and appreciation of special collections at the Providence Public Library.

A yearly subscription (4 issues) is $15.00, and donors above the subscription price will be listed in the back at the following levels:

Apprentice Printer ($5-$49)
Journeyman Printer ($50-$99)
Master Printer ($100-$199)
Patron ($200+)

All proceeds go into a dedicated account for special collections. Each issue is printed in a limited, numbered edition of 200 copies. We currently have over 90 subscribers, so act now!

The covers are letterpress printed at the AS220 Community Printshop (, with ornaments scanned from type specimen books in the Updike Printing Collection (

The Autumn 2009 issue focuses on a recently acquired journal kept aboard the whaling ship William Rotch, which sailed out of Fairhaven, Massachusetts on January 2, 1852, headed for the South Pacific to hunt for sperm whales. The log was kept by veteran sailor Henry DeForrest, of Utica, New York.

To subscribe, please e-mail me at and provide a postal address.

Richard J. Ring
Special Collections Librarian
Providence Public Library

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