Coming soon: Issue #2 of the Occasional Nuggets

By the time Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published in book form, Harriett Beecher Stowe had been a professional writer for two decades. Her husband and seven children depended on the income she generated through essays, sketches and stories submitted initially to publications like Western Monthly, the Cincinnati Chronicle, and The Evangelist. Later she would appear in Godey’s Lady’s Book along with contemporaries Edgar Allen Poe and William Gilmore Simms. “If you see my name coming out everywhere,” she wrote to her friend, Mary Dutton, in 1838, “you may be sure of one thing, that I do it for the pay.”

“Reader,” urged the Morning Star of Dover, in 1852, “buy Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Go after it, send for it by mail, send some way, any way, only get it. By all means do not go out of this world without having read ‘the Story of the Age.’”

This issue will feature a discussion of the publication of the first edition of UTC, as well as a list of the dozens of translations we have in the library, evidence of the book as a global phenomenon.

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