Sammelband of Lincolniana

We have some 350 bound volumes containing about 4,000 pamphlets and other printed ephemera related to slavery and the Civil War in the Harris collection.

There are dozens of bound volumes of separately issued pamphlets relating to Abraham Lincoln, many of them sermons and eulogies delivered in the wake of his assassination (he was shot on April 14, and died the morning of April 15, 1865). To give a sense of what is in them, a listing of the contents of ONE of them is below (in order of their binding). Shown here is the bottom of the volume to illustrate the concept of “sammelband” (a bound collection of separately issued items) and the first pamphlet’s title-page. Notice the 10th and 12th pamphlets were published in Rhode Island.

1. George Bancroft. Éloge funèbre du Président Abraham Lincoln prononcé en séance solennelle du Congrés des États-Unis D’Amérique . Brussells, 1866.

2. George Bancroft. Abraham Lincoln. A memorial address. Delivered by invitation of Congress . . . February 12, 1866. London, 1866.

3. The Pulpit & Rostrum. Contains an “Oration” by George Bancroft, “The Funeral Ode” by William Cullen Bryant, the text of the “Emancipation Proclamation” and his last inaugural address by Abraham Lincoln, and a portrait of Lincoln. New York: June 1865.

4. Hon. Alex H. Bullock. Abraham Lincoln: The just magistrate, the representative statesman, the practical philanthropist. Worcester (Massachusetts), 1865.

5. Rev. William L. Chaffin. The President’s death and its lessons. A discourse on Sunday Morning, April 23d, 1865, before the Second Unitarian Society of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1865.

6. Rev. James Cooper. The death of President Lincoln. A memorial discourse, delivered in the Berean Baptist Church, West Philadelphia, on Sunday, April 16, 1865. Philadelphia, 1865.

7. Rev. R. S. Cushman. Resolutions and discourse, occasioned by the death of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, who died at Washington City, April 15, 1865. Manchester (Vermont), 1865.

8. Rev. Edward F. Cutter. Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln, delivered at Rockland, Maine, April 19, 1865, by request of the citizens. Boston, 1865.

9. Rev. Henry Darling. Grief and Duty. A Discourse delivered in the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Albany, April 19, 1865, the day of the funeral obsequies of President Lincoln. Albany, 1865.

10. Rev. Sidney Dean. Eulogy on the occasion of the burial of Abraham Lincoln, delivered in the City Hall of Providence, April 19, 1865. Providence, 1865.

11. Minister James DeNormandie. The Lord Reigneth: A few words on Sunday morning, April 16, 1865, after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Portsmouth (New Hampshire), 1865.

12. Rev. Richard B. Duane. A Sermon preached in St. John’s Church, Providence, on Wednesday, April 19, 1865, the day appointed for the funeral obsequies of President Lincoln. Providence, 1865.

13. Rev. David Dyer. Discourse occasioned by the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, delivered in the Albany Penitentiary, a military prison of the U.S., Wednesday, April 19, 1865. Albany, 1865.

14. Charles M. Ellis, Esq. The memorial address on Abraham Lincoln, delivered at the Hall of the Mechanic’s Institute, St, John N.B., June 1, 1865. Boston, 1865.

15. Frederick Frelinghuysen, Esq. Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln, in Newark, N.J., April 19, 1865. Newark, 1865.

16. Hon. Leonard Myers. Abraham Lincoln. A memorial address delivered . . . June 15, 1865, before the Union League of the Thirteenth Ward. Philadelphia, 1865.

17. Rev. H. E. Niles. Address . . . on the occasion of President Lincoln’s funeral obsequies in York, PA. York, 1865.

18 & 19 [two issues]. Charles Sumner. The Promises of the Declaration of Independence. Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln, delivered before the municipal authorities of the city of Boston, June 1, 1865. Boston, 1865.

20. Rufus P. Tapley, Esq. Eulogy of Abraham Lincoln, Sixteenth President of the United States . . . April 19, 1865, at Saco, Maine. Biddeford (Maine), 1865.

21. Hon. Thomas Williams. Eulogy on the life and public services of Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States, delivered by public request, in Christ M. E. Church, Pittsburgh, Thursday, June 1, 1865. Pittsburgh, 1865.

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