An Armenian devotional printed in Venice

> Here is the complete 24-page mystery pamphlet, which my esteemed colleagues (this was a team effort) tell me is in Armenian and was printed in Venice. It is a devotional of some sort, entitled: “Christian Teaching; including also abecedarium, for the instruction of young believers, and for all those who have the need. Laid out by the efforts of the Very Reverend Archimandrite Mkhitar Sebastats’i, appointed as Abbot. Printed Anno Domini 1750, July 20. During the Patriarchy of Lord Ghazar, Catholicos of All Armenians. In the Printing Press of Orlantean Step’annos, in Venetik [Venice], by order of the Elders.” For your troubles, my colleagues, here is a complete digital copy for free–unsewn and unfolded, just as it was when it came off the press (well, slightly worn). More specifically, this was probably printed at the Armenian Monastery on the island of San Lazari in the Venetian lagoon. The printing brothers there also prided themselves on having a wide range of foreign language type fonts as part of their publishing program.

On a literary note, Byron lived for some time in Venice, and in 1816 visited the Armenian monastery as part of an effort to absorb Armenian culture. He learned the Armenian language and wrote works related to English and Armenian in for the next few years, and also examined discrepancies between the Armenian and English translations of the Bible.
My thanks to several colleagues on the Exlibris listserv and my own library for contributing to this posting.

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