Two more new Irish acquisitions


Christopher Robinson. Considerations on the late bill for payment of the remainder of the national debt. (Dublin, printed: London, reprinted, 1754). A constitutional essay defending British authority in matters concerning the governance of Ireland. Robinson was a judge of the King’s Bench in Ireland, and here seeks to allay Irish fears of usurpation.
[William Forbes]. A candid review of Mr. Pitt’s twenty resolutions. Addressed to the people of Ireland. (London, 1785). An Irish nationalist’s attack on Pitt’s proposal for a new regime of free trade and reciprocity between England and Ireland, sometimes attributed to William Forbes. The plan was passed in the Irish Parliament but was sabotaged by the manufacturing interest in the English Parliament for being partial to Ireland. The author of this tract disagrees, and points out the restrictions that the resolutions would impose on Irish trade with North America, the West Indies, Africa and India.

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