New acquisition (whaling print)

> We recently purchased this very nice French lithograph illustrating four scenes from whaling, as well as four others of fishermen hunting a shark, a narwhal, a crocodile, and a school of herring.

Elizabeth Ingalls, in her Whaling Prints in the Francis B. Lothrop Collection, shows a copy of this print [item 238] as a colored lithograph, c. 1870, typical of the product of the town of Epinal, which produced stylized, fanciful, and humorous depictions of the French whaling industry. This is a typical ‘image d’Epinal,’ printed by Pinot & Sagaire, in the tradition of Pellerin.

Pellerin was a printing firm in Epinal, a town east of Paris, that produced distinct images in a simple, fresh, and spontaneous style, originally created for illiterate adults. Founded by Jean-Claude Pellerin, in the late 18th century, the firm flourished in the 19th century. Other Epinal firms imitated the style, thus linking the images with the name of the town.

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