Student Exhibit: Women and the War Effort

>I’m just putting up an exhibit which was guest-curated by Zoe Brumberg-Krauss, a recent graduate of School One (class of 2008) in Providence, who is now attending college in Portland, Oregon. All of the items were chosen and written up by Zoe in the course of her senior-year internship, working in the Special Collections department. Zoe’s project goal (which she completed) was a complete inventory of our war propaganda collection as well as this exhibition. I hope to put the exhibit online soon. Here is a sample label:

A Job Only a Woman Can Do! (Washington, DC: War Production Board, Salvage Division, 1943).
When World War II began, the American government again appealed to women to conserve for the war effort. However, with new technology, their responsibilities spanned beyond buying fewer meats. Women were urged to use fewer and save food fats so that their glycerine contents could be converted to medical supplies and explosives. Notice the stylized picture in the bottom right corner, where the woman with an apron on is helping a soldier load a howitzer.

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