Back in the Day

> A very kind librarian at another institution came across this bit of PPl history in a modern paperback and sent it to us for our archives. Here is an overdue notice signifying that one Thomas Ryan, of 104 Camp Street, would owe two cents per day as of July 13, 1891 until he returned it to the PPL when it was located in its second location on Snow Street (we had a bit over 18,000 volumes at that time). The PPL moved to its present location in 1900, with about 90,000 volumes (which, until they came to Empire Street, were stored in three different buildings). One hopes that Mr. Foster, the Librarian, did not have to send a second notice.

1 thought on “Back in the Day

  1. >I hope the Patron did indeed return that book. If not, he now owes us (keeping the fine @ 2 cents and excluding weekends) $599.04!Perhaps not an astronomical amount by todays standards but a small fortune to Mr. 19th century.

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