Behold their dream come true!

> I found one volume of a popular girl’s series, The Automobile Girls at Newport, published in 1910. These well-traveled young women also went to the Berkshires (1910), the Hudson (1910), Chicago (1912), Palm Beach (1913), and Washington DC (1913), but I think the only volume we have is shown here. Don’t look for any landmarks on this cover, though–it’s the same one for the Berkshires adventure, and might have been the standard cover for the series. Here’s a peek inside (p. 112-113):

Behold their dream had come true! The automobile girls were at last in Newport, watching the summer parade!
Ruth, at the expected hour, turned her car, with a great flourish, into Bellevue Avenue, Newport’s most fashionable thoroughfare. For a few minutes the girls beheld a long procession of carriages and automobiles; a little later, they swung round a corner and stopped in front of a beautiful old Colonial house, with a wide veranda running around three sides of it, and a hospitably open front door . . .
Barbara had wondered how a private home could accommodate so many people, never having seen a handsome old New England house, but their three rooms occupied only half of one side of the long hall on the second floor. “And they think they are poor,” smiled Bab, to herself, as she looked admiringly at the handsome furniture. “I wonder what they would think of our little five-room cottage.”

1 thought on “Behold their dream come true!

  1. >Actually the building in the background of this cover is the Newport Casino, so it is a local landmark related to this book. If the same cover is used on the Berkshires book or others (I found a reprint edition of Automobile Girls at Chicago using this cover) then the question is, why was the Newport building selected for the series?—Robert O. Jones

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