Nice Gift to Special Collections

> A colleague who works at another institution gave us a very nice gift which I will add to the William H. Edwards collection on legal history, which numbers a bit over 1,000 volumes. This is the first part of Nathaniel Bacon’s (1593-1660) An historicall discourse of the uniformity of the government of England, published in London in 1647. A second part was published in 1651–perhaps some other generous soul will help us complete the set. Nathaniel Bacon was a politician and author as well as, incidentally, the half-brother of the famous Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626).

This book made Nathaniel Bacon’s reputation. It is “a sort of constitutional history of England, showing much knowledge of the development of its institutions, civil and ecclesiastical, and pervaded by a strong spirit of hostility to the claims of royal prerogative and to hierarchical pretensions.” [DNB]

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