AS220 Redux

> I was very happy and gratified to receive a card from the folks at AS220–mostly because it contained all the buzzwords that a young(ish) special collections librarian wants to hear. As a steward of cultural artifacts and a researcher myself, I have a good idea of the potential of these collections. When others use words like “inspiring,” “spectacular,” and “hidden jewels” in relation to these materials, and “generosity,” “open minded-ness” and “friendliness” in relation to my own “book-side manner,” I feel like I’m really serving in an exemplary way. My point is, we don’t (and shouldn’t) do this work in a vacuum; we need people to see this stuff as much as possible.

1 thought on “AS220 Redux

  1. >I loved the pictures of plants (hand painted!). And the binding of those books is sooo fabulous!Rick informed us that we don’t even know HOW they bound books back then!We have to stay in touch with the knowledge bound within those pages!The internet can not replace the elation I felt looking at those images and the letter press pages!

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