>AS220 comes to PPL!

> Last Friday (May 9) I gave a tour of the D. B. Updike collection on the history of printing to about a dozen artists and printers from AS220 (http://www.as220.org/about/), a local non-profit artist’s community which is doing some exciting things these days. Hoping to hook into their energy, I invited them across the street and was not disappointed.

AS220 has begun a print shop, and people are taking classes in (among other things) letterpress printing. Since the Updike collection is one of the finest of its kind (I had verification of this from two scholars working here last week as well), it is a natural well of inspiration for working printers. Indeed, that is why Updike created the collection–as a practical, rather than a scholarly resource. In fact, it is both. For more pics of the tour, see:

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