Hey–we’ve got that book!

A book caught my eye today and I said to myself, “what is THAT book doing here?” It was Pat the Bunny, which I have read to my son and daughter many times. This copy, however, is the fist edition, issued in 1940.

Dorothy Kunhardt was born in New York City in 1901, took a degree from Bryn Mawr College, had four children, and was a successful children’s author, writing books like Little Ones (1935), Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather (1935), Billie the Barber (1961), and Pudding Is Nice (1975)–which was formerly titled Junket is Nice (1933) and Rennet Dessert Is Nice (1947). According to Wikipedia (citing Publisher’s Weekly), Pat the Bunny has sold over 7 million copies, making it the 6th bestselling children’s book of all time.
My favorite part is “daddy’s scratchy face.” In modern editions it is sandpaper, but in this edition it is actually sand glued onto the page. Fabulous.

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