"A dime novel, hidden in the corn crib…"


For those of you who love American musicals, see if you can identify the quote I used to title this posting.

It only takes a minute or two of strolling through the shelves for my eye to see something new and interesting. Today it was a plain brown buckram spine with the title “Dime Novels.” Inside this crude box were about twenty representative examples of 19th and 20th century dime novels. This was pulp fiction WAY before Mr. Tarantino. Shown here are a couple of examples, including one from the famous house of Beadle & Adams (a fabulous digitization project of these things is off the Northern Illinois University’s Special Collection site–see http://www.ulib.niu.edu/badndp/).

Other titles in this volume are fun to read: “Snake-eye, a tale of the Revolution,” “Deadwood Dick’s Mission,” “Fred Fearnot at Avon again,” “Give him a chance!,” “Frank Merriwell’s spook hunters,” “Cool Colorado, the half-breed detective,” and “El Rubio Bravo, king of the swordsmen.”

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