Found another treasure!

>Although I know rare book folks hate to refer to this stuff as “treasures,” but hey–purists make life dull. I came across this little beauty as I was setting up an exhibition.

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey (1818-1895), born a slave, became a leading abolitionist orator and writer, whose Narrative is arguably the best-known slave autobiography in history. Antislavery leaders like Wendell Phillips and William Lloyd Garrison (both of whom wrote prefatory material to this volume) urged Douglass to write his life story to forward the cause of abolition. Douglass began writing in 1844, and editions were published in Boston (1845, shown here in its first edition), Dublin (1846) and Wortley (England, 1846). It was quite popular, selling 11,000 copies in the United States (in nine English editions).

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