Auction follow up

>For those interested in such things, the Christie’s auction on maritime art mentioned in a previous post realized $2.3 million, with the oil paintings bringing in the highest prices (three paintings realized well over $200,000 each). No results have been posted for the sales at Bloomsbury Auctions or the New England Book Auctions, but the Swann Galleries sale of vintage posters realized over $350,000.

The top selling posters in the sale were a 1932 winter Olympics (Lake Placid) poster ($8,000), an 1894 French poster advertising cigarettes ($8,000), an 1895 French poster advertising the music hall performer “Pal” (Jean de Paleologue) ($8,500), and an 1896 French art nouveau style poster in decorative panels depicting four women ($14,000).

I should mention that in most cases it is either private collectors or dealers who are buying this material. Institutions generally only constitute 20% or less of any antiquities trade (that is certainly true of the rare book market).

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