Going once, going twice….sold!

>Even if we have no money to spend, antiquarian book dealer catalogs and auction sales are of interest to librarians because they give us an indication of current values of items in our collections. Occasionally I’ll post a “market watch” message related to this stuff.

Some interesting auctions are taking place this coming week in New York City. On Wednesday (1/30) Christie’s will hold a maritime art sale, which includes scrimshaw and ship models (we hold both types of artifacts in the Nicholson and Brownell collections). See: http://www.christies.com/features/jan08/1963/overview.asp

Bloomsbury auctions will hold a general antiquarian book sale with an emphasis on science, medicine and travel. See http://www.bloomsburyauctions.com/auction/637

Swann Galleries will hold a sale of vintage posters. I’ll be watching the Swann sale because PPL has over 150 posters from the World War era (1917-1945). See: http://www.swanngalleries.com/full.cgi?index_id=363&sch_id=389

For those in the southern New England area, New England Book Auctions will be holding their monthly sale on the 29th—entitled “fine and rare books” (a mixed bag, but there are deals to be had for the discerning collector, and it is a great way to ease into the auction world). You can find the catalog online here:

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