A stitch in time…

>I stumbled across an early piece of needlework in the stacks a week or so ago. It is a sampler (very faded) which was done by Amey Ann Tillinghast (1796-1868), who married into the Arnold family. Stitched into the bottom (not shown because of its size) is the following verse:

Friendship is the joy of reason,
Dearer yet than that of love;
Love but lasts a transient season,
Friendship makes the bliss above.

Who would lose the secret pleasure,
Felt when soul with soul unites;
Other blessings have their measure,
Friendship without bound delights.

The quote is from The Hive; or a collection of thoughts on civil, moral, sentimental and religious subjects, which was first published by Isaiah Thomas in Worcester (1795), and in many editions thereafter. The item was originally part of the Arnold collection at the Knight Memorial branch, and came into Special Collections at some point in the past.

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