Books that make you say "awww..cute!"

> Here’s an adorable Victorian-era book for children that makes me think of my little daughter. Published in 1879 in Boston, our copy was sent to the Library of Congress to register its copyright. A few years ago it was discarded as a duplicate, which is not surprising, as LC receives an astounding 11,000 items per day (it only keeps about 7,000, but then, LC is in a class by itself). One of our bookish patrons picked it up with two boxes of other children’s books and gave the lot to us, for which we are grateful!

In any case, Little May and Her Lost A is a fun read, especially when you come across the engravings of Little May during her quest. The one I’ve shown here reminds me forcibly of my daughter, as the caption reads:

“Stamped upon the Baby’s brow,
Mischief blends with sweetness now.”


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