Empiezan las prensas! (Start the presses!)

We have at PPL one of the finest history of printing collections in the United States (possibly THE finest in terms of public libraries). One lovely little nugget I have run across was published in Madrid around 1680, and according to a colleague who really knows his stuff, was the third book published in Spanish devoted entirely to the art and practice of printing, with instructions to compositors (type-setters).

There are only two or three copies known to exist, and our copy is the only copy I have found in the United States

3 thoughts on “Empiezan las prensas! (Start the presses!)

  1. >For those interested in purchasing a circulating copy, Calambur published a new edition of this work in 2002:Author: Paredes, Alonso Víctor. de Title: Institución y origen del arte de la imprenta y ‘reglas generales para los componedores’ / por Alonso Víctor de Paredes ; edición y prólogo de Jaime Moll ; nueva noticia editorial de Víctor Infantes Publisher: Madrid : Calambur,. 2002Description: XXIX, 48 p. : graf. bl. y n. ; 25 cm Serie: Biblioteca litterae ; 1 Subjects: Imprenta-Composición-S.XVI Other authors: Moll, Jaime. Infantes, Víctor –Patricia FigueroaCurator of Iberian and Latin American CollectionsBrown University Library

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