Thar she blows!

>Acquisitions, I like to say, is the lifeblood of a collection. I often feel like I am hunting for big game, which is a particularly apt metaphor for my first acquisitive act for the PPL.

I am happy to report that we have just purchased three (3) whaling logs to add to the some 750 logs which comprise the Nicholson whaling log collection (a world-class collection, second only to New Bedford’s). Each log came from a different source: one from another institution (a maritime museum in Maryland), and the other two from antiquarian dealers (in Massachusetts and Wisconsin, of all places). I’ll write at greater length about each one later, but here are the vital statistics:

Logbook of schooner Hattie E. Smith sailing from New Bedford, Benjamin F. Nickerson, Master. October 2, 1881 to September 27, 1883. (Image of cover, below).

Logbook of the bark Eliza (James Witherell, Master) sailing from New Bedford to the South Pacific, July 1, 1865 to April 23, 1869.

Logbook of the ship Barclay sailing from New Bedford to the South Atlantic ocean, commanded by Capt. Asaph P. Taber, 1852-1854.

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