O Card Catalog!

>So today I’ve started working through six little boxes of Civil War pamphlets that are supposed to be duplicates (i.e., we have at least two copies)–there are about 130 of them in all. The challenge is that the Civil War collection, which is superb and almost completely unknown, came into the library in 1884. It has been classified and re-classified two or three times, and in recent years we’ve gone through several online catalog systems.

Bottom line: thousands of items are not in the online catalog, and hundreds of items are not even accessible through the old card catalog, because no one ever marked the new call numbers on the cards!!!! I’m sure some of these are duplicates, but short of plowing through the whole collection of some 9,000 items (maybe I could do it in a year if I did nothing else), I’m stuck. Agh!

It’s no surprise to me that the recent British study on job stress listed librarians as one of the most stressed! See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/4605476.stm

1 thought on “O Card Catalog!

  1. >Found the stress article interesting, though I’m not convinced it’s caused by repetiveness. Here in US I think it’s more from a lack of committment shown by cities that also profess themselves to be pro-education, and who bemoan those low reading scores! The stress follows from not having the resources available to do the very best job you can.

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