Magician of the Week #26: Offtop

Enjoy this sight in future nightmares

Enjoy this sight in future nightmares

Taken from:

offtop-fullThis is one of dozens of pieces of stage currency in the Percival Collection. Much of it was used by magicians as advertising material.


Magician of the Week #23: Lady Francis

From the cover of The Linking Ring, May 1954:


Inside the magazine Lady Francis (Frances R. Francis) is described as “one of the top femme magicians in the country.” Her own article is titled “Afraid of Television?” and offers advice like the following to magicians considering stepping in front of the camera: “The next thing in line of equipment is the camera. This mechanical robot is never to be feared. Get a look at it close up, ask the engineer about the various lenses and how it operates.” On the most important question, Frances offers the following:

If you are in doubt about performing on television just look in the mirror and if you can’t stand watching yourself doing a trick, then have pity on the millions of people who would be watching you!

Magician of the Week #22: Halloween Double Feature

In honor of Halloween, here’s a frightful double feature:


And even scarier:


The image above is the cover for a program for the Ken Thomas Christmas Show. The inside and back cover indicate that it was quite a show:



Magician of the Week #21: “Professor Cheer”

The professor appears as an illustration for one of the effects in the wonderful “Hank Lee’s Fourth Catalog of Magic” from 1981:

177 pages of tricks for sale with lengthy descriptions like the one above. This catalog is particularly interesting due to the note on the final page entitled “the computer,” which explains that this catalog was the first produced by Hank Lee using one of the fancy new TRS-80 computers: